Problems with Using Remote Desktop Connections and the Biztalk Admin Console

I have recently been observing issues with using Biztalk admin console 2010 via an RDP connection, although I have been unable to find anything documented on the web about the issue I'm having, so I thought I'd put together a brief blog posting to see if anyone else has also been having the problem.

The problem I have been observing is as follows:

I have the Biztalk admin console open on RDP, and have a running send or receive port on a Biztalk application highlighted.  I then minimize the remote desktop window.  When I then maximize the window again, the send or receive port switches itself to a stopped state without my clicking anything.  Sometimes I have found the port goes from a stopped start to a started state - either way it switches to the opposite of what it was.

Initially I had thought I was imagining it, but it seems to happen on a frequent basis - has anybody else observed the same issue?